Solution with Excellence.....
Solution with Excellence.....

Your best contact for Automation & Controls and Systems Engineering Consultant

Evolved from "VP Automation" since 1989,


EQUINOX Automation & Controls​ are proud to be recognised as "Automation & Controls and System specialists" providing bespoke and standard control system services developed through 30+ years of experience.


We define a clear approach to our client's requirements with cost effective and low maintenance robust solutions.

Our Approach

  • At Equinox we believe the customer and projects go hand-in-hand and we make all efforts to capture the requirement clearly to provide you with systems that truly reflects your business needs.

  • Our knowledge and experience is our strength; we base our decisions on ‘hands on’ industry experience and constantly updated regulations. Our experience enables us to meet specific customer needs, from industrial software and hardware installation to Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Management Information Systems.

  • Through ongoing training and project experience we are committed to embrace the latest technologies as well as support the old.

  • We don’t just view it as ‘your system’, it’s ours too. Whether as front end designers or sub contractors we believe that the projects reflect our abilities, and make every effort to ensure we design and deliver both systems and skills of the highest quality.

  • We commit to provide you with full documentation, training and support for all our projects, both on and off-site. 

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